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What will your legacy be

September 18, 2009

We have had several significant deaths his summer.  Two in particular come to mind: Michael Jackson and Walter Cronkite.  The circumstances surrounding their estates are stark reminders of how they led their lives.  For Mr. Jackson, his death led to a media circus, and now the focus is on how his estate will be handled.  Already, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been spent fighting over his assets.  Many people believe there will, ultimately, be no assets to distribute at all because of the enormous debts left behind.  In short, his legacy is one of chaos, unfinished tasks,  and fighting.  Mr. Cronkite, however, appears to have left an orderly estate.  He died with the quiet dignity with which he led his lfe.  His legacy will be that of a steady, considered, well ordered life and death.  Given these two extremes, what will your legacy be?


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